Worldwide Horse Racing

Horse racing can be a globally recognized event as well as in some countries it can be even regarded as as fashionable as their major sports entertainment. In the US, horse racing is second to baseball'the national game of America'when you are considering attracting spectators. In 1989, about 56,194,565 spectators located watch 8,004 events of horse racing, placing bets amounting to $9.14 billion. In other countries, like Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and Western Europe, horse racing can also be held in high regard. In Australia, the Melbourne Cup, and that is held annually within the first Tuesday of November, is alleged to bring the full nation with a halt with the amount of Aussies either coming to the event or watching the races inside their television sets. The prize money with the Melbourne Cup can be a whopping $6 million. Singapore and Hong Kong also evaluate the sport as critical as their other sports.

Horse racing began in olden days when Babylonian kings held races within their kingdom. Archaeologists also discovered evidences of horse racing in Central Asia. It was inside years 1660 approximately 1685 when King Charles II first introduced horse racing between two horses, which had been called 'match racing'. The races were held at Newmarket on private courses from the king along with the winner was handed a reward with the king himself. But the oncoming of professional horse racing events where spectators could place bets about the running horses, and where bookmakers launched, began before Queen Anne (1702-1714). During Queen Anne's reign, horse racing matches were changed from two horses competing in order to many horses gunning for that reward.

In 1750, people that were behind every horse racing event in Britain joined together at Newmarket to create a way to regulate and govern the many race events. This is when they founded the Jockey Club, the initial of which, that managed each website of the succeeding race events after that on.

Ever since horse racing events were regulated they begun to attract attention using countries. In the US, the initial official horse racing events were kept in Long Island, New York in 1665.

In Australia, records show that the very first horse racing events were located in Hyde Park in 1810. Australia's most popular horse race event would be the Melbourne Cup, wherein a purse of $6 million comes to an end for grabs with the winning horse. A bookmaker also profited with this racing event since lots of punters dole out millions to the pot. There is probably more for being won for that punters if the Melbourne Cup is on, and that is why bookmakers also obtain huge profits during this period. Their most popular horse to get won the Melbourne Cup was Phar Lap who dominated other races inside the nation.

Horse racing became a global sport and horses worldwide are able to join any horse race event abroad. An example of this may be the horse Deep Impact, that has been bred in Japan but was capable of run from the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, which can be a Group 1 flat race in France.

In Singapore, horse racing can also be a revered sporting event. Their first official racing event was locked in 1843, that has been referred to as the 'Singapore Cup'. Horse racing events in Singapore are held for the Kranji racecourse where it houses the Singapore Turf Club'the overall manager on the horse racing events there.

Hong Kong also holds horse racing events yearly from September to June/July. Two racecourses host horse racing events. The Happy Valley racecourse in Hong Kong island plus the Sha Tin racecourse within the New Territories.

Punters could place their bets on international horse race events by under-going online bookmakers.

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